Our Story:

We are Emirati family company that designs, manufacture and sells jewelry in UAE. Our inspiration draws from the family history. Our grandfather was pearls’ shipmaster, where he had been sailing deep into the sea for months looking for pearls. And after the long journey he was selling the pearls to the Indian traders who eagerly awaited him to buy that pearls. This story has remained a constant well of inspiration throughout the years to all family members.

From that point of our background, we started thinking of the jewelry designs and business. We found ourselves drawn to everything around us; nature, arts, modernity, heritage, the past, the present, people, animals and the whole universe to create our jewelry designs.

Our jewelry designs are fabulous addition to any outfit and occasions. Being on the cutting edge of the west trends fashion but yet, at same time, valuing the classics is important to us.

Our goal is to bring smile on your face whenever you wear one of our lucky pieces.

Our Jewelry:

59Q brand product are sold only in UAE. The product metals are 18k gold with natural gemstones and diamonds. The quality of our items is very important to us. Also wearing comfortable is important, where every piece of our jewelry has light weight and look great whether you wear it with casual or with fancy dress.

So welcome to 59Q world! We are very happy to have you here and be part of our jewelry treasure box.